Where does the time go?

What we do with our day

A typical session at our school would include a variety of activities to aid in the development of the whole child. Large muscle development is focused on during the time set aside for active play. Small muscle activities, such as cutting with scissors, pasting, finger painting, manipulation play dough and others are emphasized to strengthen little hands and improve eye-hand coordination. Self-concepts will be strengthened through activities involving dramatic play, increased problem-solving ability, and positive reinforcement. Opportunities to develop social skills will occur during snack time, dramatic play, or group games. Planned activities for cognitive development will take place in the areas of math, science, music, language, arts, etc., throughout the session.

Research has shown that children stay healthier when they have daily outdoor play. Therefore, outdoor play will be included in our program daily. Don’t worry though, we will limit the amount of time outside when the temperatures are very warm or very cold. Children will not be taken outside when the temperature (wind chill and heat index factored in) drops below 20 degrees or rises above 90 degrees. If the situation requires it, we will also adjust outdoor time due to rain, threatening weather, ozone warnings, etc. On days that outdoor play is not provided due to these conditions, we will include a time for indoor gross motor activities.

Written parent/guardian permission is required for all trips. The only field trips we take at St. James Preschool are all within walking distance of the facility. Each teacher will have a list of the children with them so that children can be accounted for at all times; both at the school and at the destination.

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